Ginny Moore

7 Years Experience

I love working out, plain and simple

I love working out, plain and simple. I love the satisfaction and accomplishment that you feel after you break a sweat, and lucky for me I get to do this each day surrounded by amazing like-minded individuals. I truly fell in love with fitness and coaching about 10 years ago. Prior to finding CrossFit, I taught group fitness classes and Yoga at several different gyms. I liked it, it was a good workout, but I always felt like something was missing. Then a friend introduced me to CrossFit Vitality. Fast forward almost 7 years now and I am still in love with the sport and more importantly, the Vitality community.

One of the main reasons that I love to Coach at Vitality is because of the members. Coaching is not my full-time gig you see. I wake up early every morning, do the work out of the day with the class (usually either the 6:00am CrossFit Class or ēvoFIT Class), go to work at my “real” job, and then I come back to the gym and coach in the evening. Coaching is a choice for me. I always tell people that I do it for fun and because I love getting to yell at the boys, but really the community is what keeps me coming back. I even met my husband at Vitality, and some of our closest friends are people that we met at the gym as well.

Coaching and being a part of the Vitality family has been life changing for me. I go to bed excited to come to the gym the next day. I hate rest days because I don’t know what to do if I am not at the gym. My goal as a Coach is to create an environment where each member feels exactly like I do about this place.

This April my husband and I are expecting our first child. I cannot wait to raise him, watch him grow, and let him run wild in the wonderful environment that is Vitality Fitness.


  • Level 1 Certification