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The HybridWod Story

One of the most common problems that Gyms are currently running into is how to properly on-board and retain new members. Steve started CrossFit Vitality out of his Garage over 8 years ago and this is an issue he has dealt with for the majority of this time. Vitality has implemented a number of processes in order to alleviate this issue but they just served as a temporary band-aid to a problem that was never efficiently solved.

In January of 2016, Vitality moved into it’s new home which had a compartmentalized training space that was ideal for launching a separate program that Vitality had been waiting to roll out. At the time, it was yet another idea that he thought could be implemented to help solve some of the on-boarding issues he had been experiencing over the years. Little did he know that it was about to change the landscape of how Vitality would operate from that day on.

Fast forward to 18 months later, the program currently has 300 members, 3 Corporate Partnerships, and is generating 15-20% more revenue each month than his CrossFit memberships.

In addition to increasing revenue, it simplified the process of bringing new members into his programs. This vastly improved the sales funnel and because of this alternative program, it has created demand for a completely different clientele. HybridWOD was something that Steve and Brent were adamant to create so they could help other gyms simplify a problem once and for all.


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