Kyle Bernier

Coach and Personal Trainer
3 years experience

If you do what you love
then you never work a day in your life

If you do what you love then you never work a day in your life. That’s what I’ve always heard growing up. Coaching, competing, and learning are the three things I love to do most. I’ve been able to pursue those three things tirelessly for the past 3 years as a personal trainer, Coach and competitor at CrossFit Vitality and can honestly say these past two years have felt more like a vacation than a job. I absolutely love competition of any kind. I was a competitor all through high school, then into college as a Football/Track Athlete. I had a blast doing both until I decided pursuing CrossFit full time is what I wanted. Now I’m competing in the sport as well as coaching others with their pursuit of health and fitness.

To me fitness is more than just a sport or a hobby, it is my life. I love learning anything new surrounding the fitness world, but more than that, I love sharing it with others. I love to take what I’m learning, put it into practice, then help others do the same. I firmly believe in practicing what you preach, just like all of my fellow Coaches at Vitality, you can trust that we would never tell you to do something we haven’t already done our ourselves… unless it’s air bike sprints, then you might be on your own. Just kidding. Sort of.

In all seriousness though, here at Vitality, we’re a family. From the newest of members, to the ones who watched the walls go up, we love each other. This is coming from a coach who was brought in from the outside not too long ago. As bad as I want to reach my fitness goals, I want to help you reach yours just as badly. All the while having a ton of fun competing against one another.


  • CF Level 1
  • 4 year Degree Health & Physical Education
  • 2 years Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Western Carolina University
  • Speed & Agility specialist
  • Competitor in the sport of Crossfit.