Laura Brunnhoezl

General Manager
8 Years Experience

“If you aren’t having fun doing it
it’s not worth doing”

I first stepped foot into Vitality in early 2011 for a workout with a friend, not knowing that over the next 7 years I would become a certified coach and General Manager of the facility we have today. I would love to hand the next few sentences of this over to my family. They would explain to you that if you asked them a decade ago if I would be in the position I am now, they would laugh out loud. I was active as a child and kept a high interest in my health growing up. But besides 5 years of Softball and your occasional backyard pool relay, I wasn’t exactly your all-star athlete. But what I have grown up with is, a strong work ethic, the passion to constantly try new things, and the competitiveness to always push to be just a little bit better than what is expected. And those things are what quickly led to my interest in CrossFit and a strong commitment to and respect for the sport. I’ve watched myself grow as an athlete and a Coach just as much as I have every member in this gym. I welcome the chance I get every day to continue to test my own fitness, continue to develop mounds of knowledge of training, and appreciate the amazing community of like-minded individuals I am a part of. The daily grind we witness every day of people coming to better themselves and the return investment they see in their everyday lives is enough to lay down every night knowing I am in the right place, doing exactly what I love. My only caveat as a Coach is, “If you aren’t having fun doing it, it’s not worth doing”. I’m not saying it won’t be uncomfortable, it will, but life is too short to not enjoy the fact that you can come to a place and push your bodies to the limits we can get them to. And as your Coach, my goal is to keep you as entertained and accomplished as I can for the hour that I have you.

Skills Set:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified
  • CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certified